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1913 Restaurant at Villars Palace

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An authentic culinary experience

A rich and diverse culinary experience that follows the rhythm of the mountains. Let yourself be tempted by a romantic dinner in our gourmet restaurant, a delicious pizza in our trattoria, or a tasting of Swiss specialties at the Lodge.

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Our executive chef

Christian Bertogna

At Villars Alpine Resort, Chef Bertogna isn't just a culinary virtuoso; he's a beacon of warmth and empathy. While his current responsibilities include managing the restaurants of the four hotels in the Alpine Resort group -including Villars Palace, Chalet RoyAlp Hotel & Spa, Victoria Hotel &Residence and Villars Lodge, he champions a unique concept that transcends mere hospitality, welcoming guests with open arms and treating them as if they've stepped into their own home.

With roots deeply intertwined with the land, Chef Bertogna's cuisine is a love letter to the local environment, each dish a symphony of flavors crafted with respect and innovation. From his formative years at Quisisana Capri, where he learned the purity of ingredients and the importance of culinary integrity, to his executive roles at Lausanne Palace and Le GH Villa Castagnola Lugano, Chef Bertogna embodies a philosophy of using quality ingredients without the need for artificial enhancements, maintaining a well-organized kitchen with consistency and adherence to culinary rules.

Beyond the kitchen, his true mastery lies in nurturing his team, allowing each member to blossom like a delicate flower in the right conditions. Despite his culinary prowess, Chef Bertogna remains grounded, his love for food stemming not from necessity but from choice. At 50, his eyes still gleam with a vibrant spark, ignited by his enduring passion for life and culinary excellence. He embodies humility and dedication, valuing recognition over awards, knowing that true success lies in the hearts he touches and the values he instills.

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