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Jimmy Nelson exhibition at Villars Palace hotel

Art & Culture

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We are committed to making your stay at the Villars Palace an experience you will never forget. As part of this meaningful hospitality journey, we invite you on an adventure full of surprises in the heart of the Villars Palace itself.

Discover the richness and importance of the world’s cultures through Jimmy Nelson’s moving photography, read about Hugo Pratt’s life, put yourself in the shoes of Tintin, or admire Jean-Baptiste Huynh’s refined and timeless photography, all within one single place: the Villars Palace.

Jimmy Nelson gallery at Villars Palace


“Before they pass away”

Allow Jimmy Nelson to take you on a wonderful journey to connect with fascinating tribes from around the world. This is a beautiful tribute to our world, visually demonstrating how every culture is significant and should be valued. A truly fantastic experience where you’ll get a chance to experience how diversity blends us in spirit.

“As cultures are rapidly changing through time, and the world’s cultural diversity is at risk, now is the moment to act.”Jimmy Nelson

Villars Palace hotel corridors


“In Corto’s footsteps”

Head off an adventure with Hugo Pratt and discover Venice, Ethiopia, and Buenos Aires before meeting Corto Maltese. This immersive exhibition offers a journey into the life of the artist through interactive maps, screens, and archives.

Villars Palace hotel Tintin exhibition


“The world of Tintin”

Let your inner child out. Adjacent to the 1895 historic theater, this space is entirely dedicated to Hergé and the legendary Tintin. Dive into the life and work of Hergé while browsing through a variety of archive images, mythical objects of his character Tintin, and his world-famous comic books.

Jean-Baptiste Huynh photography at the Villars Palace hotel

jean-baptiste huynh

Timeless & moving

Explore the French photographer's universe throughout the hotel. The artist, exhibited in the most prestigious art galleries and museums, including The Louvre, displays some of his portraits and artworks at the Villars Palace.

Let Huynh’s moving and timeless style transport you to a place where nature and humanity come together as one.

“The gaze is universally personal, each of us sees what we see; not what we look at..” - Jean-Baptiste Huynh


Let your talent shine

To showcase emerging and talented local artists, the Villars Palace offers 600m2 of multi-purpose space for exhibitions and presentations. If you are looking for a space to display your work, or a stage to present your project, do not hesitate to get in touch!

“Take part in a meaningful voyage, where you can be an actor of change. Experience the hospitality of tomorrow, where the well-being of your mind, body, and planet is taken care of.”