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The perfect playground for fitness lovers, including the latest cardio and weightlifting equipment, high-end free weights, and a stunning alpine view. Private coaches are available to provide you with personalized workout sessions and are always here to assist you if needed.

Push your limits and become a part of the Villars Palace fit family!

Our Fitness Manager

Anna Chekurova

I strongly believe that regular physical activity has a positive impact on both our mind and body, but it is more than simply a few hours here and there, it is a philosophy of life. You enjoy sports but lack motivation? Don’t know where to start? Or what method to use? Your coach is here to guide you on your journey, motivate you, meet your needs, and support you in reaching your goals! Whether you are looking to get active for your well-being, tone your body, lose weight, gain muscle or manage your stress, I’m here to guide you in a safe environment.

As a mother, I also guide pregnant women throughout each step of their pregnancy to feel their best in an ever-changing body, while eating nutritious food for optimal health for both the mom and the baby.

Join me for a class and enjoy a great workout with me!

My methods: Strength training - Pilates - Yoga - Functional Training - TRX - Cross Training - Circuit Training

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Kaea skincare at the Villars Palace hotel

KAEĀ brings together powerful, high-performance, botanically active skincare and targeted, results-driven treatments while supporting the biodiversity of New Zealand's precious flora and fauna.

KAEĀ skincare
L'aubalieu at the Villars Palace hotel

L'AUBALIEU combines ancestral knowledge of plants' power with modern innovations and developments to create authentic, natural, effective, and truly beneficial cosmetics for your skin.

Bellefontaine at the Villars Palace hotel

With a passion for excellence and innovation, honoring the individual nature of each client by combining customized treatments, Bellefontaine offers an exceptional Haute Rejuvenation experience for the SPA world.

KAEĀ Skincare
Take part in a meaningful voyage, where you can be an actor of change. Experience the hospitality of tomorrow, where the well-being of your mind, body, and planet is taken care of.”