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Ode to the moon


Ode to the moon

Take a deep breath and discover the benefits of Hatha Yoga in harmony with the full moon.

Villars Palace

Ode to the moon

8th of January, 5th of March | from 14:30 until 16:30

During the full moon, Odette La Du Paul talks about the cyclical approach to time and the relationship between the astral chart and the health of the body. Two hours for you. Composed of a workshop on the cyclical approach to time and a session of Hatha Yoga, allow yourself this moment of gentleness. Discover the lunar side of yoga. Hatha yoga is linked to the moon and the sun, and can encourage: our solar aspect, linked to the masculine, to energy, dynamism and action, or our lunar aspect, linked to the feminine, to relaxation, calm and reflection. The Moon Salutation is a very gentle practice that focuses on flexibility and balance: you will work on opening the hips, shoulders, and mobilize the whole body in a gentle way, without forcing.

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Upon request, we will share your birth chart with you.

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CHF 90.- per person

  • CHF 30.- extra per person for the birth chart if requested (the request for the birth chart must be made at least 72 hours before the beginning of the workshop)
  • 10 people maximum per session, accessible to hotel guests or outside
For more information or a reservation request, please contact us:
+41 24 496 22 23


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